Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Rubber Blues

No surf today, or yesterday for that matter, hell it was so foggy yesterday that you couldn't see the ocean from PCH, just bonkers. Saw a couple kids with boards sitting waiting for the bus just north of Main Street in Huntington, for a second made me think that there could be surf but then saw the laughter in their faces and realized that it was one of those sessions you do as a kid, you surf in the fog, no waves but it's fun b/c it's fun.

Just patched up my wetsuit, carpet thread and a hooked mattress needle that looks like something out of the basement in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Drank some coffee on my porch, listened to the Stones, talked with Taylor, sowed up my suit, turned her inside out to really dry her and hopefully there will be some surf in the next few days. My booties are sitting in the corner of my shower and I spray them with Febreze to mask the funk. They stink so bad I don't even want to touch them, I guess that's what happens when you leave booties in your trunk for 11 months and then use them for 2 weeks in a row. God do they stink.


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